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Nurturing mind, body and soul through a personalized therapeutic massage experience.


The Revival Spa provides guests a truly personalized massage experience in a comfortable relaxed spa environment. Each treatment session is customized and tailored to meet the client’s individual needs. Offering a blend of therapy levels based on our team’s talents and specialties and keeping simple service options promotes our culture of individualized massage therapy at an uncomplicated price.


Custom massage therapy

Simply select your desired time and session duration and our expert therapists will customize a massage to your body’s specific needs.

Our goal at The Revival Spa is to give you a completely custom massage experience. Each session will begin with a consultation with your therapist to ensure a truly personalized massage treatment with every visit.  This is your time to explain the reason for your visit and to discuss your treatment preferences.

Chiropractor recommended0%
Physician recommended0%
For pain management0%
For relaxation0%

Statistics are based on American Massage Therapy Association research

Call or text to schedule an appointment at 214.245.4547